HXSS successfully slipped a combination of trusses of 100 tons at high altitude for Qingshan Lake project

日期:2014年6月20日 18:32

    On 30th May, a combination of trusses of 100 tons was successfully slipped at high altitude of Qingshan Lake construction site, which is being constructed by Zhejiang HangXiao Steel Structure Co., Ltd.. This combination of truss is used for a banquet hall in hotel podium at A1 area of Yuexiu Urban Complex (phase 1) in Qingshan Lake Science & Technology Park.

    Truss installation is the biggest problem of this project. But the project team rose to the challenge. To ensure smooth truss installation, they ultimately determined assembled the trusses floor on the ground, and then slipped a combination of trusses at high altitude using a large crane (250T).

    The successful application of combined truss slip at high altitude saved cost and time of the project construction. This combined slip technology saved almost 30 million RMB investment measures fee for the company. Not only got praise from the owner and supervision, but also proved HXSS’ technical strength.

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