2010 Shareholders’ Meeting of HXSS

日期:2011年5月13日 11:49

The 2010 Shareholders’ Meeting of HXSS was held at the fifth floor of Ruifeng plaza at 9 oclock.am,May13. The meeting was charged by the chairman, Mr Shan Yingmu, and the shareholders,trustees,supervisors,managers and the lawyer employed by our company all presented the meeting .

Mr Shan, behalf of the company, welcomed all the people presenting the meeting warmly. He showed thanks for shareholders’ supports and concern and contributions made by all the trusteessupervisors and colleagues. With the help of the society from all walks of life and all the staff, the income of our company reached 3.464 billion Yuan and the net profit reached 94.179 million Yuan. Under the guide of the board of directors, in order to change to be a modern enterprise from a traditional one, we introduced several professional managers with modern administration experience, represented by Mr.XiaoZuo. We firmly believe that with the trusts and supports of all the shareholders, and accompanied by the efforts of all the stuffs, HXSS will be the international first-class steel structure enterprise containing, construction, and installation.

During the meeting,The 2010 work report of the directors board》、《The 2010 work repot of supervisors board》、《The financial statement report of 2010》、《The profit distribution plan of 2010》、《The bill about applying for bank credit》、《The bill of guarantee offered by these financed enterprises》、《The 2010 bill of daily associated business》、《The 2010 bill about employing the audit institution》、《The bill of electing supervisorsand The bill of modifying the rules of companyhave all been reviewed.  


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