2009 National Excellent Construction Quality Management Enterprise

日期:2010年4月16日 14:47

HXSS won the 2009 National Excellent Construction Quality Management Enterprise


On March 23, it is said from Zhuhai that, on the commendation congress “The national excellent engineering construction quality management enterprise “the general manager Lu Yongjun , went to receive the Medals and certificates which was rewarded by the leader of Quality Management Branch of China Construction Industry Association .

According to "National Excellent construction Enterprise quality management assessment approach", the Engineering Construction Quality Management Branch of China Construction Industry Association and the national excellent enterprise of Engineering Construction Quality Management Review Committee's Strict validation, HXSS and other 99 companies won the 2009 excellent companies of construction quality management, and received grand recognition.
In recent years, HXSS pays close attention to product quality, except constructing to build a large number of country projects with Peugeot brands, also has taken some difficult project in more than 20 countries and regions, including the Frankfurt air rail center in German.

Especially in Installation management, we emphasize details, obtaining great successes.  In all, there were ten projects achieved Gold Medal of national construction steel structure.

The company attaches great importance to the enterprise technology innovation and creativity of the training; we established several employees QC group, especially the leak handing of the lap between Roof lighting boards. "India is not pre-assembled power program” such QC groups bring the company good benefits forming a      innovation and cooperation team.

We adopt modern management model and we have premium steel manufacturing qualification, special grade steel design qualification, special steel construction quality and two physical and chemical laboratories. we are the first  to pass ISO9001 (2000 version) quality system, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system and BSI-OHSAS18001: 1999 Occupational Safety Management System Certification; according to project requirements and management needs ,we have taken the American Institute of Steel Construction AISC system, welding business in Europe DIN18800-7 system, the Singapore Institute of Steel Construction SSSS system, measuring system and standardized management system certification, making the company's quality management step onto a higher level. What’s more we are the first to use the ERP system in the industry achieving a leading position of allocation of resources, material traceability and meticulous management.

"Enterprise is the ship, the brand is the sail." Brand is the company's intangible assets, is a symbol of corporate power and the embodiment of comprehensive national strength. Quality is the foundation of brand, looking at many international brands; they are all relying on quality to win the market permits. To create fine quality is to create high-quality brand, which runs through the brand's life cycle. Therefore, the early years, Chairman Shan was on the proposal of " implementing excellent quality strategy, creating a century HXSS". All people are with great ambition and determination, trying to fight a technology leading, brand leading, talent leading and management leading sustainable international great HXSS.

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