Hangxiao steel Structure cooperates with Huatai Building to promote steel structure residential industrialization

日期:2015年12月7日 11:22

On December 4, Hangxiao Steel Structure Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "HXSS") and Sichuan Huatai Building Limited Liability Company (hereinafter referred to as "Huatai Building Group") to reach a consensus on use and implementation License of related technology resources from Hangxiao Steel Structure residence system, and smoothly signed cooperation agreement on steel structure residence system (including combined steel-tube shear wall structure).

Guang'an City Vice Mayor Jay Chen and Deputy Secretary General Tian Yunfu, Guang'an Economic and Technological Development District Secretary Yang Shizhang, Huatai Building Group Board President Xiong Daihui, Chairman Nie Xianhong and Hangxiao Steel Structure Chairman Shan Yinmu, etc. attended the signing ceremony.

Hangxiao Steel Structure group vice president Lu Yongjun (left) and Huatai Building Group Chairman Nie Xianhong are signing.

Guang’an, only " Sichuan & Chongqing Cooperation Demonstration Zone" in Sichuan Province and prefecture level city closest to Chongqing urban district, the great man ,Deng Xiaoping's hometown.

Chen Jie, Vice Mayor of Guang'an, Sichuan, made a speech at the signing ceremony.

"The introduction of HXSS’s advanced combined steel-tube shear wall structure residence system, is a revolutionary breakthrough to the existing residence system." Chen Jie, Vice Mayor of Guang'an, Sichuan, pointed out, "this is not only the development point of future economic growth, but it is a career serving the people. The municipal government will fully support the project, create favorable conditions and provide policy and service of quality, make the project put into the ground in Guang'an as soon as possible."

HXSS’s Chairman Shan Yinmu is speeching. 

From September 2014 to now, HXSS has shared the technology of international leading level with 10 companies, through investment joining business model which is the first of the industry.

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