Steel structure engineering of Pit hotel smoothly commenced

日期:2015年5月4日 11:52

Hoisting the first truss of 45 meters long-span pipe truss structure successes

Recently, Shanghai Sheshan Shimao Pit Hotel undertaken by Hangxiao Steel Structure Co., Ltd. --- steel structure engineering of multifunctional commercial and service facilities on "No. 2 land parcel on Chen Hua Road ", hoisting the first truss of steel roof successed.

The overall structure of the project is space tube truss structure. The beautiful shape, smooth lines, rich modern sense highly coordinated Chen Shan botanical garden environment, highlighting magnificent architectural image.

The longitudinal axis span is 99 meters, the horizontal axis span is 80.4 meters, elevation of concrete column top is 21 meters, elevation of eaves is 24 meters, elevation of roof ridge is 24.9 meters. The biggest span of single truss is 45 meters, the heaviest weight is 19 tons. And the largest section of circular pipe is p402 x 30, minimum section is p140 x 8. The material of main structure (pipe truss) is Q345B. Stacking and assembling, hoisting of material are carried out on the roof of the basement.

The roof truss component is assembled at the site. Truss assembly follows production & installation of molding bed, setting out, component assembly, measuring & correcting, component welding, anticorrosion coating, inspection and other steps .The special construction program of the project successfully passed the expert verification on March 17th, and got unanimous endorsement from participating experts.
The lifting success is an important step in the process of the whole project, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent construction.

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