The steel structure engineering of the HenQin Island new campus in the University of Macau has been awarded the “The Thirteenth China Civil Construction ZhanTianYou Prize”.

日期:2016年3月30日 11:16

  On March 30th in 2016, the ceremony of The Thirteenth China Civil Construction ZhanTianYou Prize was held in BeiJing. GUANGDONG HANGXIAO STEEL STRUCTURE CO., LTD, ( hereinafter referred to as “GuangDong HangXiao”)’s project, The steel structure engineering of the HenQin Island new campus in the University of Macau has been awarded the “The Thirteenth China Civil Construction ZhanTianYou Prize”.


  Zhan TianYou prize incentives to pay attention to the science and technology, it guides, promotes, and carries forward the spirit of technological innovation, encourage innovation and application of new technologies, in order to lead and promote the civil engineering industry, science and technology. The prize was founded in 1999, and it has a high level of standards including less quantity, high quality, and standard process.


  Zhan Tianyou prize is an important award in the field of railway, transportation, water conservancy, large-scale public and civil construction. The awarded projects reflect the current civil engineering in the planning, design, construction, management and other aspects of the highest level and the latest scientific and technological innovation and application.

  This project is divided into two sections including five units which are the library roof, the stadium roof, the swimming pool roof, the stadium roof in steel structure and the culture communication center’s roof. The total quantity of steel structure is 2500 tons, in which the library dome adopted 32 meters diameter, 16.67meters high of the cylinder, andthe space truss structure. The culture communication center’s steel structure construction includes the stage and the main stage’s bridge.
This project required high technical standards and complex engineering. Under the leadership of the chief engineer Mr. HuYingXiang, they completed the project in high standards and successfully passed the acceptance.


  GUANGDONG HANGXIAO is one of the subsidiaries of HANGXIAO STEEL STRUCTURE CO., LTD. After more than ten years efforts, it has developed into the National high technology enterprise, Guangdong Steel Structure Association, vice chairman of the unit. Moreover, it involved into a number of industry norms and local regulations in Guangdong Province.


  GUANGDONG HANGXIAO has undertaken the federal express delivery center of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (YUEGANG Price), Guangzhou Asian Games Stadium (national gold medal), North train station in Shenzhen (the Luban prize, the Zhan Tianyou prize), Guangzhou poly World Trade Expo (Guangdong steel Award), Guangzhou City Planning Exhibition Center, Chengdu Planning Museum, Macao University Library (Zhan Tianyou prize) and other large municipal engineering projects; Guangzhou Honda, Guangzhou TOYOTA and Guangzhou Longxue shipbuilding, Hanjin heavy industries, century display (national gold), Lubrizol pipe gallery project (Luban prize) construction of steel structure buildings and other famous enterprises; Guangzhou Poly Plaza, Zhuhai Yanlord Binhai center and Macao new Yaohan, Haikou palm Plaza, Shenzhen Huarun Vientiane world high-rise and super high-rise projects; and eight Pearl Road West security Shenzhen Meishan yuan housing, low-income housing and other steel structure residential projects.

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