Hangxiao Steel Structure and Nigeria Dangote Group signed a $ 112 million refinery steel structure supply contract

日期:2016年9月1日 20:25

  In September 1, 2016, Hang Xiao Steel Structure Company and Nigeria's manufacturing giant Dangote Group signed a $ 112 million refinery steel structure supply contract in Beijing.

At 8:18 in the morning, the chairman of HXSS Mr. Shan Yinmu and the vice president Mr. Wang shenghong warmly welcomed Dangote Group including the chairman Mr. Dangote, the project executive president Mr.Ed Yun, the President of Purchasing Department Mr. Depp and his party at Beijing Westin Hotel Conference room. The accompanists are HXSS Marketing Director Mrs. Chen Gong, the manager of International Division Mr. Dong Zhiwu, and the Manager of Beijing department Mr. Zhang Hongtao.

   The chairman Mr. Shan yinmu and Mr. Dangote exchanged their views and business proposals based on the company’s strategic development. During the meeting, the chairman Mr. Shan yinmu illustrates the company’s strategic mission: “to make the sustainable development of the company, to create greater value for the customer, to provide a development platform for employees,to provide long-term returns for shareholders, and to take more responsibilities for the society", Mr. Dangote expressed his appreciation and recognition. Mr. Dangote welcomes the opening of the cooperation between Hangxiao Steel structure and Dangote Group, and believes that both sides will form a long-term cooperative partnership. Mr. Shan yinmu states that the steel structure residential system is based on the idea of green environment protection, and steel structure can be reused which will benefit the people of Africa.


   After the meeting, both parties signed the “Nigeria Dangote Group refinery steel structure supply contract",the contract amount is 1.1208 billion US dollars. The project is located in Nigeria Lekki industrial park, with a total investment of 90 billion US dollars, it is expected to put into use in 2018. The construction period of the steel structure is 16 months, and the design and management companies are from Ind

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