The world's lowest artificial five-star hotel “Quarry Hotel” has successfully completed the main cap of the steel structure

日期:2016年9月28日 20:20
 In September 28, 2016, with the top of the main girder installation is completed, the construction of HXSS company Quarry Hotel steel structure body has successfully completed.
 Minus 65 meters above sea level, is located in Sheshan at the foot of a hundred meters deep, perimeter quarries in KM which is known as “the world's lowest artificial five-star Quarry Hotel.”Since the project of Shanghai Quarry Hotel has started from 2006, it has been expected. It is reported that the main project is composed of three parts from the ground, underground and underwater to the surface, 2 layers of the ground floor, a total of 14 layers from underground to the surface, 2 layers of underwater construction, and with a total height of 77 meters. The underground construction is built by the cliff wall, each floor room flat on both sides of the building are arc-shaped curve, the central vertical traffic unit connects the two curved elements into one unit, and the radial profile of the room units on both sides of the arc shows a different curve.
 Compared with the general project, the project construction conditions are complex; there are many problems in the implementation process. The structure as a whole is not regular, the building was double curved surface, the ground floor is with a huge truss span which has high difficulties in the installation. There are more than ten thousand primary structural support member, the shape and size of each member is not the same. After more than a year of pre-inspection and construction by HXSS design and engineering teams, the structural deformation of the project have been fully verified. Since January 8, 2016, steel section officially started, after 256 days and nights in the company's efforts to support and leadership from different departments, HXSS gives full play to the advantages of the technology and equipment, during the project installation process, the team optimized a number of construction programs, and overcome the problems encountered in the construction process, and ultimately successfully completed the structure of the installation.
 The cap of the main steel structure of the Quarry Hotel, has once again verified the HXSS to the first-class technical standards, in the mean time, this has certain reference significance for the "Chinese style" architecture to the world. In the face of high difficulty of construction and the world first-class design team, Hangxiao steel structure which represented China steel structure enterprises, not only can well meet the requirements of the parties, at the same time, through its own design and construction technology of optimization, the completion of the project is more “refined, accurate, and fast".

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