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Diamond Award Ceremony of Steel Industry Association of Zhejiang Province

日期:2011-04-02 11:52

  On March 23th, at the Diamond Award Ceremony of Steel Industry Association of Zhejiang Province, the leader of Chinese Construction Metal Structure Association and provincial CISA personally prized five golden trophies awarded to HXSS. So far ,just a few years ,HXSS had  not only received a large number of Chinese construction steel gold,  but also won 28 provincial Diamond Awards ,becoming the”King”in its industry of china and Zhejiang province.

 Lu Yongjun, General Manager of HXSS, as a member of the presidium said that in the demand of global green economy and low-carbon economy, steel structure industry as an important downstream industry, played a very significant role in keeping steady and sustains growth in the entire national economy.


  The Chinese Steel's history had clearly recorded the state policy changing from limiting using steel to encouraging using steel and it has made a great contribution to the development of steel structure. The next decade would be the period of world steel industry structure adjustment and further development, but also a critical period of our country for developing into a great and powerful world steel state.

At this stage, the steel structure industry has stepped into a new stage of science and enormous leap forward in development. The quality is being better and better, the height is being higher and higher, the scale is being larger and larger and the style is being newer and newer. From the Beijing Olympic Games venues, the Shanghai World Expo Chinese Pavilion, to the Guangzhou Asian Games, and the strong visual impact of the modern steel building, all are shining the light  of Zhejiang steel companies, beckoning : steel structure companies have became a gold card of Zhejiang Province.

 With the development of technology, more and more architecture elements were brought into buildings. Bedsides, the elegant appearance and the delicate internal structure are perfectly combined together, reflecting the development level and the economic strength of a county and region. Zhejiang is a large province of steel enterprises, containing HXSS, JingGong and DongNan etc. such advanced enterprises. In the past we have obtained brilliant achievements in steel structure manufacturing, now, we should change from “made in Zhejiang” to “create in Zhejiang ”in steel industry.

 In order to further realize the goal-enlarging and strengthening the steel industry of our province, Lu Yongjun held the views as follow:


  One, we should deepen researching the policy of steel structure, exploring industry advantages. Since reform and opening up, the government has introduced a number of policies to promote the development of steel.


  To ensure better development of our business, at first, we must have a clear direction of development for steel industry. Secondly, we should be active in steel structure design, enrich design of steel structure works, and optimize steel structure design programs to promote the development of art steel construction. Finally, we should optimize the installation and construction organization plan, taking full advantages of steel to realize the modernization and specialization development of steel industry in our province.

  Two, it is to improve the relevant standards and specification of steel structure. First of all, responding the country’s requirements to green and low carbon economy, helping the government department revising industry standard, according to the international standard of developed countries, do as international standard. Second, it is establishing a scientific technology's standards. Finally, we should try to promote the standard of big

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