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Deep relationship between Military and Civilian

日期:2010-08-25 13:16



On July 29, with the approaching of army day, carrying the affection and best wishes, the company party committee and labor unions went to visit the fifth squadron of Armed Police Force , with air conditioners and computers ,to express our solicitude and we were warmly welcomed.

The army love civilian and civilian trust the army. They have deep relationship between each other. Since the past many years, HXSS had build deep relationship with the armed police force ,so that every year when facing the army day ,our company would go to visit them, showing our solicitude ,in return, they would come to participate in  many activities held by our company ,such as theatrical show, sports  meeting etc. On the other hand, they often send several instructors to give some Military-style training for our staff. Through Military training, both the quality of organization discipline and the will force of all staff are tempered and enhanced.

The military -civilian activities not only promote the sprit civilization building, but also enrich the connotation of Corporate Culture and improve the healthy development of running business.

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