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Han Song, the vice mayor of Xi’an ,visited HXSS with his group

日期:2010-07-01 14:20


On June 3, Han Song, the vice mayor of Xi’an with his group were welcomed to HXSS and met by the chairman of HXSS Shan Yinmu himself. They had cheerful communication on investment promotion and win-win cooperation.


Vice mayor Han informed the development of international harbor area of Xi’an  and said he had been attracted by HXSS for a long time .After watching the promo footage ,Mr. Han and his group showed great interest to HXSS’s steel structure building houses,so that they asked a second  watching of promo footage about  the steel structure building .The characteristics of low carbon and energy saving appropriately match the concept  of international harbor area with low carbon ,energy saving, therefore it strengthened  Mr. Han’s confidence to introduce HXSS into Xi’an. Then they exchanged the opinions about cooperation of steel structure building construction.


Mr. Shan showed warm welcome to vice mayor Han and his group and introduced HXSS on the large potential market of steel structure building houses and the great significance to economy. Mr.Shan indicated that he was willing to introduce HXSS’s construction to Xi’an, making the modern steel structure buildings show the development of history.

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