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Ghanaian Ambassador visited Hangxiao Steel Structure for residential research

日期:2015-05-20 11:50

On May 19, Ambassador Mr. Anani Okuminyi Demuyakor and Commercial Counselor miss. Tenewa of the Republic of Ghana embassy in China, visited Hangxiao Steel Structure Co., Ltd. (HXSS) for research and survey.

In the Morning, in HXSS headquarters, HXSS’s Chairman Shan Yinmu enthusiastically met Ghanaian Ambassador, and introduced HXSS's development progresses: HXSS was established in 1985, has engaged in steel structure industry for 30 years, focusing on steel structure residential industry for 15 years.

At the same time, Chairman Shan also told the Ambassador that HXSS has undertaken many overseas projects, such as Frankfurt aviation railway center completed in accordance with European standard of high quality, Angola housing projects known as the local high-end residence, etc. So far, HXSS's products and services have reached more than 40 countries and regions.

Ghanaian Ambassador Mr. Anani Okuminyi Demuyakor gave high evaluation to Chairman Shan and HXSS staff for persistent efforts of 30 years and pioneering and innovative spirit, fully affirming HXSS's strength.

In the Afternoon, the Ambassador and Commercial Counselor visited Qianjiang Century City talent special building, which is the largest domestic steel structure social security housing project for talents, constructed by Hangxiao Steel Structure, for steel structure residential research.

No.11 building of Qianjiang Century City talent special building adopted HXSS’s latest product, steel pipe concrete beam -shear wall structural residential system. The system can combine well the advantages of existing residential system, formatting shear wall with steel structure. Not only flexibly wall body layout according to architectural function, but also high industrialized manufacturing and rapid construction speed of steel structure.

Ghanaian Ambassador has strong interest in HXSS’s steel structure residential system. He invited HXSS to promote the steel structure residence in Ghana, and hopes HXSS and Ghanaian local enterprises cooperate friendly and jointly contribute to the development of steel structure residence.

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