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The first steel structure international A building project in Xuchang airport has been successfully completed

日期:2015-12-28 11:21

  Recently, the steel structure project of the #1 international A building in XuChang Airport built by HeNan HangXiao Steel Structure Co., Ltd has been officially completed.


  The #1 International building is the first building as well as the only one steel structure office building in XuChang. The tower A from fifth floor to 24 floor is for fine office building, and the area of the standard floor is 1500 square meters. The single unit is divided into 12 rooms which can do the free combination. The room area is from 116-1500 square meters. Because of adopting the clean steel structure, the tower A achieved 8.4 meters invisible spacing distance, which is almost zero area waste and more space segmentation. The lobby is refined decoration, the planning is 190 square meters, and the ceiling is 10 meters high with broad atmosphere of luxury which provides maximum window support for the corporate office, called the quality benchmark office building in Xuchang City.


  The #1 International building is the same as the other high-rise steel structure buildings, there are some parts beyond the crane of long span steel beam weight range which greatly increased the difficulty of the construction. Even if the workshop has adopted the method of making subsection processing to solve the difficult problems of long span steel girder hoisting component, it still need to the scene after the standard section of tower crane as temporary support beams. In the mean time, the construction schedule is very tight, which the main building must be completed at the end of December. Thus, the staff in the work site had to work overtime everyday to supervise the site installation progress. Finally, HeNan HangXiao leaders at all levels of support in sincere cooperation with the owner, supervision, design institutes, creating a month to install five section steel columns and eight layers of steel beam, totaling 1200 tons of the near miraculous results. In the end, they finally completed the project ahead of schedule, and achieved the victory of the stage of the construction.


  The #1 Xuchang international successfully completed once again proved that Henan Hangxiao steel structure has high, especially the installation technology of super large components and installation capacity of overweight, while a month 8, 1200 tons of achievement but also fully embodies the Henan Hangxiao leadership management level. Until now, HeNan HangXiao has constructed the XuChang YuanDong, XuChang Bridge and the other steel structure projects. Therfore, HangXiao Steel Structure has already occupied pivotal position in the field of steel structure in XuChang.

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