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Vince Chairman Mr. ZhuZude of Hangzhou CPCC visited HXSS


Vince Chairman Mr. ZhuZude of Hangzhou CPCC and other staffs visited our company on April 17 2014.  HXSS President Mr. Yan met Mr. Zhu’s Visit.
Mr. Zhu first visit the phase II plant, and Ms. Chen Rui the vice president of HXSS introduce the HXSS developing milestone. HXSS has become the first the listed stock market company in the steel structure filed, also got a couple of top awards in China construction area. HXSS became the National Base Place of residential industrialization.
Mr. Yang Qiangyue, Chief Engineer, introduce the core products and technical solutions to Mr. Zhu.
After the plant visit, Mr. Zhu and Mr. Shan had a meeting. Mr. Zhu gave high lever comments to HXSS, and he was impressive HXSS’s growth as well as the vision. Mr. Zhu appreciate the HXSS’s strategy in developing green house. This strategy reallymatches our national demand.
After plant visit, Mr. Lu Yongjun General Manger of HXSS accompanied Mr. Zhu investigated the Undergraduates Apartment Project site. The whole environment such as clean site, quick installation, less noise gave everybody deep impression. 
Finally, Mr. Zhu encourages HXSS should developing more green house and bring more contributions to society.

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