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2011 Annual Construction Work and Civilized Worksite Mobilization Meeting


  Xiao Zuoguo, CEO of HXSS, represented a typical speech at the 2011 annual construction work and civilized worksite mobilization meeting.


 On April 8, the 2011 annual construction work and civilized worksite mobilization meeting was held at the thousand people- holding hall Zhijiang Hotel. Fan Jianping, deputy director of Provincial Department of Construction, Municipal Committee, Publicity Minister Weng Weijun, Vice Mayor Yu Zhihong, Yang Jun, director of Municipal Construction Committee and other leaders attended the meeting. Xiao Zuoguo, the CEO of our company represented  at the meeting and gave a typical speech.

 During the speech ,CEO Xiao,Shaw his very thanks to the total municipal government for offering Hangxiao so valuable opportunity to report work, exchange experience, then said Hang Xiao's growth and development is inseparable from municipal government, the concern and help of Construction Committee, and the guidance and support of leadership and friends.  AT that moment, please allow him just on behalf of all staff of Hangxiao to express our sincere gratitude and highest respect.

 Steel structure industry, an important downstream industry forthe iron and steel industry plays a significant role in keeping sustainable and steady growth in the entire national economy. Hangxiao Steel, as the first listed company in the domestic steel industry, after experiencing “being bigger and stronger,” has stepped into a "transformation and upgrading," stage.

 Recalling the history of the development of China steel, in the early 1990s, with the state policy changing from limiting using steel to encouraging using steel , the new emerging steel industry in China surging, facing opportunities and risks, but most enterprises fell into a confused development period. HXSS seized the opportunity to adjust the product mix, focusing on the design ,manufacture and installation of steel structure building with hard skills, besides ,when facing the various of questions that the market was reluctant to accept  steel structure building, we decided to act as a salesman in the steel industry with great courage and spirit of innovation,  trying to win the design and construction right that HXSS is  the largest single steel plant in Asia over well-known steel companies, laying HXSS the leading position in the steel plant's.


  At the same time, HXSS explored the development trend of the domestic steel industry, Prospective looking into the research of much (over) super high-rise steel structure building system by feeding the market with safe, reliable, affordable, convenient and efficient principle. Joint of Fuzhou university, Tongji university, and other famous universities, breaching column feet connection, beam-column joints, column section and such technical difficulties, successfully developing "moment steel tube concrete column" high-rise building technology

, forming a unique multi-level HXSS steel structural building system, introducing into advanced production equipment, successfully handling a number of special design, special materials, special processes and other engineering problems, building a quality project after another, breaking situation that the China's top steel building can only be built by foreign companies, but also laying leadership position of HXSS in its industry.


  In 1999,HXSS actively respond to nation’ s exhortation, accumulatively spent 1 billion Yuan, and transferred technology backbone  to organize the steel structure housing research and development team, choosing a production, study and research road, joint development, entrust experiment and mode together, conducting more than 60 performance testing and inspection,  obtaining a

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