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HXSS achieved two Diamond Award once again




On July 28,at the second congress and the diamond awards of Province steel structure industry association of, we won two diamond awards.


On the congress, the top 30 enterprises of steel structure in 2009 were published, of which 13 enterprises are from Zhejiang province, what’s more, HXSS stepped into the top ten with other five enterprises as one of the 13.besides ,the congress also announced the top 30 enterprises of steel structure construction of Zhejiang province and HXSS is in the top 3.accoding to the declaration of material company’s application material, the association selected  45 diamond awards and 33 excellent project managers. Our company’s project- "North Star Plaza" and "Hangzhou Radio and TV Center" received two Diamond awards.

Promoting the general contractor qualification of steel structure project was appealed at the congress, aiming at highlighting the importance of steel structure in             construction industry to change the status that qualification management can not catch up with the development of its industry. Then, the vice CEO, Chen Weiying represented the congress and received the award.

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