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"Chengdu Yintai Center" project


  In December, our company signed a contract of steel structure work with China Construction Eighth Engineering Division. This steel structure work is belonged to the hotel in "Chengdu Yintai Center" project and the contract value is more than 100 million Yuan. 

  "Chengdu Yintai Center" project is located at the north of Tianfu Road, Chengdu city, Sichuan province, This Center is a High Level Architecture equipped with top shopping center features, including top luxury hotels, boutique apartments, 5 A-class office buildings and upscale senior housing.

  The overall floorage is more than 100,000 square meters ,which is composed with circle tubular steel column frames and concrete core-tubes. It is a hotel with height of 220 metres ,including 4 floors underground, 52 floors overground.

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