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Luoyang landmark - built by Hangxiao


  Henan hangxiao steel structure Co.,Ltd won the steel structure work of block 7 in the East of Zhengda international city square /Civic center project in Luoyang.The owner is Zhengda Group, which is one of the world's top 500,and the general construction contractors is Hebei Construction Group Co.,Ltd.. 

  As a landmark building in Luoyang, the Zhengda international city square /Civic center is the highest currently building under construction and the first ultra high-rise building of steel structure in Luoyang. It is located in the most prosperous lot of the new district, where it is available to overlook the progress from Luoyang government building.

  It is a Commercial Office Complex and covers the total land area of10,675 square meters.The overall floorage is 114952.9 square meters, including 93982.3 square meters overground, 17111.8 square meters underground, 3831.8 square meters for refuge storey. space There are 28 parkings overground and 350 parkings underground.The Total construction height is 211.75 m, including 3 floors underground, 50 floors overground and 2 mechanical floors.

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