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HangXiao "Liu Kemin Welding Studio" won the title of "Zhejiang province skills Master Studio"


  Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Department of human resources and social security together with Zhejiang Provincial financial department published the fifth batch of Zhejiang province skills Master Studio list. HangXiao “Liu KeMin Welding master studio” has passed the evaluation and won the title of “ZheJiang Province skills Master Studio”. Since the studio has been applied to the declaration of Xiaoshan District technicians studio in 2014, 2015, it has been successfully approved as master skills studio in Hangzhou City. This time, the studio has successfully upgraded into master skills studio in the Zhejiang province.


  The purpose of creating the “Technician master studio” is a positive response to the national policy, implement the tasks of high skilled personnel training required by the provincial and municipal. The studio is also the inherent demand in upgrading the industrial company and the adjustment of the rapid development. Moreover, it plays a key role in promoting and realizing the self value and social value of their own requirements.


  Enterprise development requires not only a good contingent of leading cadres, strong expert personnel with innovation ability, a great knowledge of modern science and technology and mentoring ability of high skill talent team. At present, due to the rapid development of enterprises, the size, structure and quality of high skilled personnel must be adapted to the actual needs. Therefore, enterprises will be created through the "studio master skills" to broaden the talents with high skill growth path, drive skill operation team overall quality comprehensive promotion, enterprise development and staff development "win-win."


  In recent years, as the rapid development of the company, high technical welding personnel have been the important member of the talent team in the company. It played an irreplaceable role in accelerating industrial upgrading, the competitiveness of enterprises, promoting the technological innovation and scientific achievements. The proposal of the "national skills Master Studio" project provides a breakthrough for welding enterprises bottleneck of talent team construction in high skill, pointed out the skills training and use of the direction.

  Leadership at all levels of the company attaches great importance to the skilled personnel training, according to the objective requirement of the long-term development, at a critical period of development and management of the introduced a series of major principles and policies, in high skilled personnel training, management, development and other aspects of the important initiatives, and develop the echelon personnel training plan ", the talents with high skill rating hired implementation measures", "staff capacity evaluation method", the teacher with acts management approach ", the welding skill studio implementation approach" and other system, established a set of system to improve the skill talent cultivation, evaluation, selection, and the use of incentives policy system.


  Liu Kemin is currently the welding training teacher in the Ministry of training center, as well as the technology level assessment team leader and the senior welding technician. She was awarded as the “national women pacesetter”, “ZheJiang Province women pacesetter” and was awarded as “national system of excellent welding industry and trading of engineering. Since Liu kemin has enter into the company, she always takes the heavy responsibilities, humbly missionary which she trained a large number of excellent welding technical personnel and overcome the welding technology breakthrough improvement.

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