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Consultative Management Training


HXSS passed the “” to improve the administration concept and qualify of staff


As the world economic crisis expanded, almost all of enterprises have been involved in the disaster , the guarding war about how to  resist the cold stream and smoothly pass the winter has aroused all over the society. However, if winter comes, can sprig be far behind? In the spring of 2009, HXSS  welcomed the coming of “spring” with a special way. Establishing the reserve of talented people, from the examination to the interview, from the questionnaire survey to the face to face communication, the process became more and more strict and difficult. Many people would puzzle that HXSS how to mold talent.


On August 7th, the present of Mr. Mao Lisong, the doctor and vice president of administration of Zhejiang University marked the beginning of the three-month “consultative management training” signed by the chairman personally.

After consciously organized and planned by the HR department, the training class for the 41 reserved talent and others would be divided into 80 class hour. The so-called consultative management training means to improve the efficiency of study by learning survey and organization, and then to strength to achieve the result expected. The first part of Profession Mao’s report was “The theory of the adult’s way of learning”; he put out only by clearing the aim and meaning of the training can they really improve themselves.


As every one knows, for a successful enterprise, the right strategic decision of leaders and as well as a effective administration team are both indispensable, only in this way can the enterprise develop and enlarge well. However, administration is always titled with science and art, Professor Mao showed us a new concept “administration is practice”. So how to recognize the key of administration and how to improve the implement capability are the main points of the class. The implement capability reflects on the behaviors of stuff, whatever matter, whatever the result, all decided by the people who finish it. The implement capability of stuff relates to the sense of responsibility of stuff, the organized enterprise and the leaders.

First, the people with high responsibility and capability can always finish his work very well. Second, a highly organized enterprise can always motive the workers work well.Third, a powerful leader can lead the staff to build a highly organized enterprise. Different means should be adopted to stimulate and administrate different staff.Generally, the staff can divided into two kinds: the convention kind and the flexible kind.The former one needs supervision to control the behaviors, and the later kind should be given enough trust, to influence the mind and then the behaviors.


As early as thousands years ago, it was said in the 《Analects》that no person can live well without honest. On 1997 American economic annul meeting, the great four economists of Harvard issued that a thesis on sense of trust is the important factor for administration efficiency of a country and the scale of a enterprise.It is the same in the administration.If the administrator wants to be trusted, he must be kind,tolerant ,generous,and honest. Just as the game theory, only under the presupposition that both sides trust each other can they play game again and again, and if the more powerful side shows the willingness to cooperate with the other, the cooperation of the two would be inapproachable.


All the practice was to realize the expected aim, while from the aim to result ,the most important is will force、capability and help. Will force means the degree of loyalty, sense of responsibility and activity, and capability refers to the ability by which the stuff finish the work, help indicates the support and cooperation from all sides. To improve the implement capability, the

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