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Smooth acceptance of Giant Industrial Park 1st period


  The steel structure work of Giant Industrial Park (annual 40,000 sets of elevator accessories) project 1st period is smoothly accepted on 30th, November, by leaders of construction section,  representatives of design organization, representatives of quality inspection units and construction company. The owner and quality inspection units spoke highly of our company’s performance.
  Giant Industrial Park is belonged to Zhejiang giant holding co., LTD and located in the economic development zone, Nanxun district, Huzhou city, Zhejiang province. The scope of the work covers fabrication , erection and maintenance of steel structure. The overall floorage is 40,000 square meters with the total steel usage of about 3,000 tons and maintenance area of 120,000 square meters.
  This project adopted portal frame steel structures composed with welded H-section steel column, welded H-section steel beam and crane beam, Z type continuous purlin, C simply supported wall beam, HXY-1038 self cleaning color plate for interior ceiling panels and interior wall panels, HXY-478 plate for external roof panels and YX35-780 wave plate for external wall panels .

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