Opening of housing Industrialization technological innovation Conference Hangxiao Steel Structure’thematic report about residential technique

  On 12th, December, 2012 land saving, energy efficient and environmental friendly pilot project and housing industrialization technology innovation Conference was held in Changsha.It was jointly organized by the Ministry of housing and urban-rural Housing Industrialization Promotion Center and Hunan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural, Changsha Municipal People's Government. The topics were about development trend and cutting-edge technologies of housing industrialization and there was a seminar on the theory of   land saving, energy efficient and environmental friendly housing construction.
  As the representative of National Housing Industrialization Base, Zhejiang Hangxiao Steel Structure Co.,Ltd did a presentation about the technique of her steel structure residence.
  In order to build "beautiful China" mentioned in the 18th CPC National Congress, We must give high priority to making ecological progress. Green building can mitigate the conflict between human and nature and promote ecological civilization. Steel structure residence has a lot of advantages, such as a higher level of industrialization, less wet method operation, less pollution, recycling, good seismic performance, short construction period ,etc. Therefore, steel structure residence is the ideal residential building system for promoting the development of housing industry modernization and achieving the target of "beautiful China".

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